Model Dog

Norwich Terrier Teacher

She asked

if I’m WILD from

props and poses

and suit and specs,




I’ll STAY and PLAY,

fwip -fwip, wag, wag,

bow-wow, woof- woof,

you do DIG dogs

don’t SPEAK?

Copyright Susan Stone 2018


Life from the Floor


I shiver and quiver and scamper away
from stomping, clunking,
of a dirt dragging day.

By Susan Stone

(copyright 2017)

Oh Joy


My dogs find joy everywhere.  They easily get lost in a smell in the grass and leaves that drift in the breeze.   But a new toy-that has them prancing and dancing.

A few of my small joys:

Raw Sugar hand soap- smells great and feels even better.

Funky socks from the Paul Smith store in Las Vegas.

A walk in the park – a natural attitude adjuster.


socks and soap

and a walk in the park-

oh joy.

by, Susan Stone

Poem Prompt: breath in, breath out, then write

Writing prompt from Alex:

The breathing exercise (stole this from school).
Breath in and breath out.
Now, breath in, and write a sentence containing the word dog before you breath out (don’t think much about it).
Elaborate on the sentence to make a poem.



My Rescue Dog

Woof – see me.

Howl – hear me.

Whine – protect me.

Sigh – I’m home.

Susan Stone

Scary Noices


He’s afraid of sounds that we take for granted.  A vacuum cleaner, a razor and even the sound of a tape, sends his guard dog senses on high alert.

Like a crow, he remembers where bad things come from and he channels his most furious voice to scare the disturbances  away.

He protects us, his new family, in the only way he knows how.   After all, it takes skills to protect your humans when you’re four pounds and walk with a limp.

Susan Stone