Final Play


no time on the clock,
the ball, grip it,

Susan Stone copyright 2017


Happy New Year 2018


Last year, next year,
same list year after year.
I’ll eat more broccoli,
and less chocolate and chips.

I’ll be kinder to strangers,
and more patience with family.
I’ll open my eyes to sunrises
and hear beauty in rain.

I’ll sing outside the shower
and paint with bright colors.
I’ll draw and write everyday
even when I have nothing to say.

2017 ends and 2018 begins,
I start this New Year,
with a heart brimming
with good intentions.

Susan Stone copyright 2018

Drawing Faces – Day 3


Drawing Faces – Day 3

lips droop
and eyes cross.
a flat noses flares and wild hair flies.
awhward stares at me
and I am one drawing closer to better.

Susan Stone 

 The challenge:  Draw 30 faces in 30 Days.  I was a portrait photographer for over ten years so faces is natural place for me to start my daily drawing challenge.   My  challenge is to draw and write something everyday.

It’s Christmas


 It’s Christmas

it’s the knee of an icon in a red suit with white hair
it’s star shaped cookies and peppermint candy
it’s piles of gifts wrapped in red and green
it’s the warmth of a wood burning stove
it’s a pine tree decorated with lights
it’s the pressure cooker whistling
it’s my brothers getting merry
it’s the posing and pictures
it’s grandkids laughing
It’s siblings chatting
it’s paper ripping
it’s Christmas
it’s tradition
it’s family
it’s joy

Merry Christmas

Susan Stone

(copyright 2017)