Poetry Prompt: Write the worst poem ever.


Alex Harry Stone – thank you for the creative writing prompt.



Jump in to one thing and leave another one waiting.

Get to the end only to start over-




Start over.

Susan Stone

Poetry and Art Prompt: create a series with a similar theme


Questioning Time

Who mans the clock tower when the clock man is sleeping?

Do you need the clock to know the sun is up?

Is a ticking clock the same as a ticking bomb?

Tick tock tick tock.

Is the bus on time?

Does time travel as fast as a humming birds wings?

Can you teach a dog a new trick -before time runs out?

Who determines when your time is up?

Does the second hand give second changes?

Can you out run a ticking clock?

Susan Stone





Poetry Prompt: Combinations

          digital art  by Susan Stone                                    Thank you,  Alex Harry Stone, for the prompt.

Choose two people/places/or things and describe them simultaneously—without specifying which is which or differentiating between the two.


we eat, we play, we sleep,

he sings,  I paint, we create-

we talk, we love, we live-

we dream-

Susan Stone