Vacation Sky



brownies with whip cream 

sea salt and sunscreen

a book in a tote

Susan Stone


Oh Joy


My dogs find joy everywhere.  They easily get lost in a smell in the grass and leaves that drift in the breeze.   But a new toy-that has them prancing and dancing.

A few of my small joys:

Raw Sugar hand soap- smells great and feels even better.

Funky socks from the Paul Smith store in Las Vegas.

A walk in the park – a natural attitude adjuster.


socks and soap

and a walk in the park-

oh joy.

by, Susan Stone

Project Gypsy


My horoscope tells me that I am a project gypsy – moving from one project to the next.  How did they know?

I have been enjoying a revisit to black and white photography- but this time with digital technology.  Twenty years ago, I created black and white photos under a red light and trays of chemicals.   I love the magic moment when an image appears on paper- but I don’t miss the smelly chemicals.

 There’s always creative work for a Project Gypsy.  

– black and white photography, paintings inspired by my digital art, abstract painting, urban digital art, drawing and Haiku poems.


Three steps forward-

two steps back.

Spiderwebs at my feet. 

Susan Stone




Poem Prompt: breath in, breath out, then write

Writing prompt from Alex:

The breathing exercise (stole this from school).
Breath in and breath out.
Now, breath in, and write a sentence containing the word dog before you breath out (don’t think much about it).
Elaborate on the sentence to make a poem.



My Rescue Dog

Woof – see me.

Howl – hear me.

Whine – protect me.

Sigh – I’m home.

Susan Stone