A Big Spoon and Blue Rooster


This image features the newly designed Walker outdoor gallery in Minneapolis.   I framed the shot to include the ‘Spoonbridge and Cherry’  by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen and the ‘Cock’ by Katharina Fritsch.   The painterly look was created with the help of Topaz’s Impressionism filters.

This is my first image with this painting filter.   It’s a lot of fun to use and offer a lot of variety with paint brushes, stroke lengths and textures.

From The List


Life and summer left me with no time to ponder words.  I miss stringing them together.   I miss searching my image base for a fitting visual.  A few months back I took an online poetry class through the Loft Literary center.  I came away with a brain filled with places to find my string of words.   This poem comes from words off of my daily list of to do’s.  The art comes from my basement studio.   This mixed media piece was painted over several times till it seems Humpty Dumpty fell  from the canvas and tripped over the candle stick.


two hours

to go for a walk

shocking new work


dirty laundry.