Another Face


I wait
for a cool breeze
to blow
away heat

that melts me.
A rushed face
and it shows.

Out here,
me and the dog,
some frogs,
some chirping birds,

and another face
is done.

Susan Stone copyright 2018


Delightful Faces

cheap paper
lopsided eyes stare—

lush lips lock away a secret,
a funky nose blows away
the blues.

and here is joy
to draw,
to create

delightful faces.

Susan Stone copyright 2018



Freedom is

a lopsided roof
that reaches to touch it.

voices echo,
day 1,2,3,4

through walls
and out of
crooked windows.

a home for everyone.

susan stone copyright 2018

Red and Blue



You see
what I see but
we see differently.

I’m right
You’re right
in the end, it’s wrong.

we stumble over the rubble
of our old self
searching for US.

copyright susan stone 2018




He stares from the front,
in Edwardian bloomers,
a midnight coat of wrinkles and
a boy’s bowtie that dips to the left.

She stands next to him,
hidden under an enormous ribbon,
drowning in a heavy Sunday dress
with a waist that drops.

He doesn’t reach for her,
instead, he puts his hand behind
his back as if this act will
break the twin connection.

I don’t know this girl frozen
in age spots but I love the woman
who lived her life. The other,
I know only from this moment.

He lives on stained paper
from decades of yesterdays,
a fading reminder of
a part of you I didn’t know.

Susan Stone


The Critic

webfinalfacealienArtwork copy

The Critic

She sits in the window
blocking me
from the world

bouncing crumbled
half-finished art
off my head.

“draw, draw, draw,
and still, alien eyes
and a nose that blows
stale air.”

I say to her,
“you’re quite pale today,
go now,
and play in the sun.”

art and words

copyright Susan Stone 2018