She sits in her parlour,
waiting for suitors
to buy her a burger

Susan Stone copyright 2017

(writing prompt:  use a photo for inspiration.)

Annie’s is a fun, family friendly place at the U of M Minneapolis campus.  And yes, her burgers are great.


A Meeting of Artists

webArtwork 2

      I sit in a cold metal chair

                     next to a stranger

                                      at a gathering in a

                                                              familiar place     waiting      to be         inspired.


Susan Stone copyright 2017

15 Minute Parking


15 Minute Parking

Her warm breath is violent,
forcing fall colors to loose the fight.

They crackle under a
Mother and Child lost in schedules.

A busy Man who talks to his hand,
crunch, crackle, crunch.

A Teen with her life on her shoulder,
crunch, crackle, crunch.

A roar in the clouds passes
through and fades away to exotic places.

The soothing rhythm of words,
a reminder of another kind of travel.

Her breath tickles my skin and she whispers,
“Please, stay a little longer.”

But I have zero minutes left.

– Susan Stone – copyright 2017