Word prompt: beak

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“Betty, as your Bestie, I’m obliged to tell you, your new Bo, with his pretty blue eyes and perfectly sculpted beak, is a bore.”


Baby Grows Up

webalexdrawing 2 (1)

A baby boy dressed in tiny
blue jeans and a tee that reads
‘I love Momma’,
takes a wobbly first step

and falls.

A man in a stiff white shirt and
pinching shoes
steps up to the
door of suits and paychecks
and turns the knob.

It’s locked.

But Momma knows
if her baby falls
he gets back up
and he will fall

and he will get back up
and he will
learn to run.

Copyright Susan Stone 2018

Painted Man Face

websignedaugsut9, 2018Artwork 6

What does it mean when a little rescue
dog, who spent six years in a cage,
barks and growls at this watery
painted man face that is
propped up against
a white wall?

Susan Stone copyright 2018

Nothing To Say

fwebacejuly282018_Artwork 4

I stare at a white
of paper,

not a word,
not a thought,

not a day goes by that
I don’t think about
what I would  say,

but today,

not a word,
not a thought.

copyright Susan Stone 2018

Another Face


I wait
for a cool breeze
to blow
away heat

that melts me.
A rushed face
and it shows.

Out here,
me and the dog,
some frogs,
some chirping birds,

and another face
is done.

Susan Stone copyright 2018

Delightful Faces

cheap paper
lopsided eyes stare—

lush lips lock away a secret,
a funky nose blows away
the blues.

and here is joy
to draw,
to create

delightful faces.

Susan Stone copyright 2018



Freedom is

a lopsided roof
that reaches to touch it.

voices echo,
day 1,2,3,4

through walls
and out of
crooked windows.

a home for everyone.

susan stone copyright 2018