A Frog Journal


Day 1
I open my pool and find a green frog sitting on the step.  I catch him and shoo him back to the lake.
Day 2
Two green frogs jump from the step to the water.  I chase them with my net.  They smirks at me from the bottom for the pool where I can’t reach them with my net.  I get my camera and take frog pictures.
Day 3
One frog on the step and another  swimming an impressive Frog Stroke.  What is this, Canyon Ranch SPA for frogs? A Frog Hilton? A Frickin’ Frog vacation home?
I send frog pictures to my son.
Day 5
Two green frogs on the step.  I worry that they can’t get out so I google ‘How do frogs get out of a swimming pool?’  It seems someone invented a frog exit ramp that attaches to the edge of the pool.  The frogs march up the ramp like ants to a picnic.  I don’t have an exist ramp so I put a large rock on the top step. A half hour later I remove the rock.  They seem to come and go just fine.
Besides, I don’t think they want to leave.
Day 8
Two green frogs and a cute little toad on the step.  It’s been raining and I haven’t opened the pool for a few days.  I worry that the frogs might be hungry so I google ‘What do green frogs eat?’  It seems frogs sit and wait for their food to come to them. They eat bugs and sometimes small frogs and toads. I remove the cute little toad.
Day 9
Two green frogs on the step.  I turn Rover on to clean the pool.  Three hours later, I turn Rover off.  One frog sits on the step and Rover is the only one in the water.   I search Rover’s belly.  No frog, but there’s all this yuck.
I text my son.  He says the frog is on a frog adventure and will be back.
Day 10
One frog on the step.  One sad frog.
I text my son that the missing frog IS STILL MISSING and I’m a monster that sent the killing machine that ate my frog.

Day 11
One frog on the step.  She lets me stick my camera right up to her face.  I photograph her for a half an hour.  She doesn’t jump in the water.   Is she afraid of the killing machine that sucked up her friend?  I accept that I killed her frog companion and text my son with the sad news.   He tells me I should get an aquarium.   I ALREADY HAVE A 20×40 foot AQUARIUM !!
Day 12
I open the pool and find the sad frog sprawled on top of the missing frog doing the naughty on the step.   Do frogs go on business trips?

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by,   Susan Stone, copyright 2017