Dreamy Soft Focus


I spied a Lady Bug on a dead daylily.  We were eye ball to bug eye.   I told Her that I would like to take Her picture and asked if she would stay put till I got my camera.  She didn’t fly away.

I hurried inside, grabbed my Canon and attached a 12mm extension tube to the lens.  I hoped it would be enough to get me up close and personal with my new insect friend.  But, sadly, when I get back to the spot, she was gone.

So instead, I explored the landscape, the shadows and the warm fall colors.   An extension tube lets you get close to your subject and blurs things that are in the distance. I don’t know the all the technicals of the different lengths but I love discovery through experiments.   In this case, the extension tube added a painterly blur that reminds me of the place in dreams that isn’t quite in focus.