Big Brain Creative Adventure

I was sorry to hear that the Big Brain Comics store will close in June.


My Big Brain adventure started last year when I saw these wonderful reflections in the windows of the building that housed the Big Brain Comics store.   Each window looked like a mini abstract piece of art.


I had a BIG idea to create a small ‘Big Brain’ painting using my digital image as inspiration.     After a few layers of paint, I let go of the original image and let the shapes and colors direct the painting.  I’m excited to have this painting accepted into the Minnetonka Center for the Art’s Juried Show that opens May 25th.

And here is the last layer of my Big Brain adventure.


Placed the bid on the train

to buy a big brain.

Now for sale

by a fellow named Dale.

He hasn’t used it for a very long time,

so he’s selling it now for only a dime.


That doesn’t seem right,

since it’s not used at night,

and he hasn’t used it at all during the day.

Don’t use it-you loose it, is what mom used to say.

A dime for a brain that doesn’t show use.

I’ll consider it -since mine is used by my muse.

Susan Stone