Poetry Prompt: a series of poems on unresolved paintings

I love the intuitive, playful freedom of the first few layers of a painting.  Frustration comes during the last 30% of the painting process  when decisions are made to bring order to chaos and even the smallest changes affects the mood of the painting.

I photograph my work at several points in the painting process.  I’m sad to say, I have photos of interesting paintings that became textured layers of another painting.   Because of these lost paintings, I started leaving some work unresolved with the hope of coming back to them with a more experienced hand.

2etsyDSC01866 copy

Hippie’s Disney Land


Is this Disney Land in my mind

with moody colors swirling about,

and arrows aim to fresh directions-


Is Uptown  hippie’s playground,

dripping simplistic flowery shapes

into shallow gray rivers-


Do bars on windows hide more than choices?


Painting and poem, 

Susan Stone




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