Writing prompt: list 12 important documents or things


1. The faded white dress that I was married in.

2. A tiny premie diaper that reminds me of the first days of Alex’s life.

3. My chest of journals that are a reminder of another time.

4.  My Canon Rebel film camera.  We learned a lot together.

5. My first little digital Leica point and shoot.  It fit in my purse and went everywhere with me. It was the beginning of my interest in Urban art.

6. The first painting I did as an adult.

7. The Twin Cities pet publication that printed  my photo of JJ  and voted it best professional  photo.

8.  My first merit award from the Hopkins Center for the Arts for my mixed media painting.

9.  My film and digital photo libraries.

10. My Artist Way books by Julia Cameron because they inspire me when my creativity goes on vacation.

11.  A tiny little size two black dress that once fit me like a glove.

12.  My iPad Pro and pencil because it keeps be connected, drawing and writing.

Susan Stone

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