prompt: poem on an article of clothing

cropped-red-heart.jpgProm Dress

Red dress, not orange-red, or blue-red,

American flag red

 with white polkadots,

American flag white polkadots.


Spaghetti straps

attached to a fitted top,

maxi length skirt.

 translation:   floor length.


1970’s synthetic polyester

 guaranteed not to wrinkle,

or breath,

or decompose in the landfill.


Prom date?  ——-no idea.

Susan Stone11x14circles_D7A0276

I had orange shorts they would look


like children’s shorts

to me now
but when i had them
they were just shorts.


favorite outfit was
orange shorts and


lizard shirt.  how
educational i was.


Jose put lizards
on my hat.  two


one time.  two
lizards on my head.


Alex Stone

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